How can I install my eSIM via Direct Installation on my iOS device?

You can easily install your eSIM in just a few  quick steps by choosing the Direct installation method and following the steps below or in our tutorial video:

1. Go to the My eSIMs tab on your Airalo app and tap on Details.

2. Select Install eSIM/Access Data.

3. Tap on INSTALL eSIM at the bottom of your screen for initiating the installation.

(IMPORTANT: Please note that once the installation process has started, it cannot be interrupted, which means that if you try to go back to the previous step or close the app, you’ll no longer be able to install the same eSIM).

4. Tap on Add Cellular Plan.

5. Label the eSIM.

6. Choose the preferred default line to call or send messages.

7. Choose the preferred line to use with iMessage & Facetime.

8. Choose your Airalo eSIM plan as your default line for Cellular Data and do not turn on Allow Cellular Data Switching to prevent charges on your other line.

9. Select your Airalo eSIM under Cellular Plans.

10. Ensure that Turn on this line is toggled on.

11. Go to Network Selection and select the supported network.

12. Go to Cellular Data Network and update the CELLULAR DATA APN field to the APN advised on your eSIM installation page* and leave the remaining fields blank.

*If no APN instruction is available, it means that you should not edit your APN settings.

13. Turn on the data roaming if required on your eSIM installation page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support.

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