What is the Airalo Loyalty Program?

The Airalo Loyalty Program rewards users for every eSIM purchase. New users start as Travelers, earning 5% cashback. They can advance their position within the loyalty system and unlock additional perks with each purchase. The highest attainable level is the Platinum Traveler, offering a 10% cashback rate. 

Cashback rewards are credited as Airmoney in users' accounts. Airmoney is a digital currency equivalent to a percentage of the transaction value. The amount of Airmoney awarded varies depending on the user's membership level within the loyalty program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different loyalty program levels?

  1. Traveler: New users receive a 5% Airmoney reward.

  2. Silver Traveler: Once a user has spent $20.00 in USD (or equivalent), they receive a 6% Airmoney reward for every purchase.
  3. Gold Traveler: Once a user has spent $70.00 in USD (or equivalent), they receive a 7% Airmoney reward for every purchase.
  4. Platinum Traveler: Once a user has spent $200.00 in USD (or equivalent), they receive a 10% Airmoney reward for every purchase.

Please note that Airmoney rewards are automatically credited to users' accounts based on their membership levels and corresponding transaction amounts. In addition, Airmoney cannot be rewarded if a discount coupon or referral reward is applied to the purchase. 

Additionally, Airmoney is marked to the United States dollar (USD). Airalo uses a third-party service to calculate exchange rates — the amounts to reach each membership level may differ for other currencies.

Is registration required for the loyalty program?

Registering as an Airalo user (via app or website) is mandatory to participate in the loyalty program. Once you have created an account, you will automatically start earning benefits based on your transactions.

What are the perks of the loyalty program?

By joining the loyalty program, you can enjoy various advantages, including receiving Airmoney as cashback for your transactions. The cashback percentages differ depending on your membership level.

The program consists of four membership levels: Traveler, Silver Traveler, Gold Traveler, and Platinum Traveler. Each level offers a distinct cashback percentage: 5%, 6%, 7%, and 10%, respectively. As you progress through the membership levels, you can access additional benefits, such as meeting specific spending requirements and exclusive promotions that facilitate your advancement to the next membership tier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help!

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