I am getting the error message, “This code is no longer valid”

This error message appears when you are trying to add an eSIM that has been added before or the QR code was partially scanned due to poor connection.

Please make sure:

  • You have a good network or WiFi connection 
  • The eSIM has not been added before 

Try adding the eSIM manually while connected to a good network connection.

  1. Go to My eSIMs to find your Manual Installation details via the app or the website 

2. Go to Settings on your device

3. Go to Cellular/Mobile

4. Add Cellular/Mobile Plan

5. Select Enter Details Manually. You will be asked to enter:

    1. SM-DP+ Address
    2. Activation Code
    3. Confirmation Code(if available)

6. Turn on your eSIM under Cellular/Mobile Plan

7. Select your eSIM for Cellular/Mobile data

8. Enable Data Roaming (Please turn off your primary line to avoid roaming charges from your carrier provider when overseas)

9. Set up an APN(access point name) on your device if required. If the APN settings are required for your eSIM, you can find the APN details in the eSIM installation details


If the issue persists please contact us for assistance.


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