7 Hal Penting Teknologi Perjalanan yang Tidak Boleh Anda Tinggalkan di Rumah

travel tech essentials

Dreaming of big travel plans this year? Thanks to the digital age, booking those dream vacations is easier than ever. But bookings aren’t the only thing made easier by technology. While it can be hard to leave our family, friends, and creature comforts at home (talking about you, liquids more than 100ml), you CAN still bring some cool tech with you. 

Today we’re sharing 7 travel tech essentials that will make your 2024 travels a breeze. So grab a cup of tea, open up another tab on your web browser, and get ready to click ‘Buy Now’ — or ‘Download’ — on this travel tech gear.

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Travel Technology Means Travel Freedom

Ok. Let’s say you’re in beautiful Athens and you’ve heard of this great restaurant. As a bonus, a local you met on the plane and exchanged numbers with lets you know that there’s a meet-up of expats who regularly frequent the spot. Who wouldn’t love to make some friends on their travels? 

You're craving a local meal and stories about home, so you head out the door, figuring you can easily walk the six or seven blocks and find your way. But a few blocks in, you realize these winding streets have you completely turned around, with no familiar landmark in sight. And since you left your roaming-plans-are-way-too-expensive phone back at the Airbnb, it looks like you're — gulp. Lost.

Luckily, modern-day traveling is incredibly easy with the advancement of technology. Gone are the days when you have to choose between printing off directions, winging it, or dealing with overpriced roaming data. Technology has brought an incredible sense of freedom, all at an affordable cost. With downloadable maps, eSIMs, and your favorite tech gadgets small enough to fit in your carry-on, the world is your oyster (or souvlaki, if you ever manage to find that restaurant).

What Is Travel Tech?

Travel tech is innovative technology created specifically to help globetrotters, offering solutions to make your travel experience as easy as possible. What makes it different from the tech gadgets you rely on at home is that travel tech is specially designed to make your travels smooth — or at least as smooth as traveling can get. 

We’re not saying there’s never going to be a bump in the road on your journey — because what would travel be without a little adventure? — but you can smooth those bumps out with the right tools. Travel tech helps you stay connected to loved ones, keeps you safe in new places, and allows you to enjoy the comforts from home (in cute little travel-sized packages).

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7 Travel Tech Essentials You Should Never Leave at Home

An eSIM To Keep in Touch With Family and Friends Seamlessly 

An eSIM is an embedded SIM that enables you to have a mobile plan without having to use a physical SIM card. Think of it as your travel BFF, helping you avoid hunting down a local SIM card every time your wheels touch the tarmac in a new country or region. Best of all? You get to avoid those sneaky (aka expensive) data roaming charges. Seamlessly install an eSIM on your device (it only takes a few minutes!) and send as many texts and photos of your adventures in real time to friends and family back home. Plus, you’ll be able to affordably access essential services so you can be stress-free if you get lost — or just need to find the nearest bite to eat. 

Stay connected and avoid roaming fees with an eSIM from Airalo. We help you spend less time getting connected and more time traveling.

A GPS Tracking Device so You Never Lose Your Luggage, Purse, or Phone Again

Think of GPS tracking devices as the guardian angels of your belongings. A GPS tracking device is a portable tech gadget that allows its users to keep track of its location — and whatever it’s attached to. We get it: things get misplaced, things get lost, and things can ‘go missing’. It’s an unfortunate, but very realistic part of traveling. But with this tiny and oh-so-powerful tech gadget, you don’t have to be stressed about finding and replacing your belongings. GPS devices ping off of satellites, cell towers, and Wi-Fi networks to figure out which taxi cab you may have dropped your cell phone in, or which luggage carousel has your bags on repeat. Buy yourself a 4-pack and put them on your most-prized possessions to have a — relatively — stress-free vacation.

Download Google Maps To Find Your Way Around Any City

Google Maps isn’t just for finding the best route to your local grocery store or what traffic is like on the way to work. When you’re overseas, the Google Maps App is your digital compass and guide. Say goodbye to getting lost and asking for directions. Paired with an eSIM, you can explore off the beaten path. Loaded with real-time updates, ratings and reviews, offline maps, and a user-friendly interface, think of Google Maps as your travel guide, making sure you easily find your way to attractions, accommodations, or hidden gems. 

Grab a Portable Charger To Keep Your Tech Running

Is there anything worse than a dead cell phone? Yes: a dead cellphone when you’re far from home and exploring a new city. A portable charger is a reusable battery that's small enough to fit in your hand — and your carry-on. It’s your lifeline in a world of dwindling battery bars, making sure your devices stay powered throughout your travels. No more frantic searches for power outlets and the right plug converter; these compact and efficient chargers offer on-the-go charging, allowing you to capture those breathtaking moments and stay connected all day long without the anxiety.

Download a Reputable Ridesharing App To Help You Get From Point A to Point B in an Unfamiliar City

There’s nothing like exploring the world on foot. But the truth is, sometimes you need a faster — and safer — way to get from point A to point B. Ridesharing apps are one of those travel tech essentials in unfamiliar cities, offering a safe, convenient, and affordable travel option at your fingertips. No more language barriers, waiting to hail a cab with murky rates, or needing a physics degree to read the public transit bus schedule. A ridesharing app gives you the freedom to be picked up when and where you need with transparent rates.

Get Yourself an eReader if You Have Plans To Sip Coffee or Lie on the Beach With a Good Book

Want a library in your pocket? Us, too. An eReader is a digital device that stores ebooks. Gone are the days of not having to decide between your stack of to-read books for your trip —and forget choosing between sultry beach reads, the latest non-fiction, and that very impressive biography to impress your plane seatmate. Uncross your fingers at baggage check-in; with an eReader, you can safely use that extra weight limit for an extra pair of shoes or five instead of bulky books. You’re welcome.

Earbuds to Drown Out Noise, Help You Fall Asleep, or Add Some Tunes

Ok. This may seem like an obvious one because people are rarely without some kind of listening device. But a pair of good quality, compact earbuds can’t be underestimated as a travel tech gear essential. Block out distractions, pump your own soundtrack for your trip, or create a cocoon of calmness at a noisy hostel with noise-canceling technology. 

So, there you have it. Our top 7 travel tech essentials you shouldn’t leave home without. Remember: traveling in 2024 isn't just about packing your bags; it's about loading up on tech that makes your adventure smoother than ever. From eSIMs to GPS trackers and portable chargers, these tech gadgets aren't just cool — they're the secret sauce that keeps you connected, powered up, and ready for whatever the world throws at you. 

As you plan your next dream vacation, remember to toss in these trusty sidekicks and let tech take your travel game to the next level. Cheers to easy journeys, unforgettable moments, and bringing a slice of home along for the ride – happy travels, tech-savvy explorers.

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Travel Tech Essentials FAQs

What is travel tech?

Travel tech is like having a bag full of super-smart gadgets just for travelers. Tools like eSIM cards, compact earbuds, and portable chargers are specifically made to make your trip smoother. They're all about making your travel life easier, whether it's finding your way around, staying connected, or keeping your stuff safe.

Why do I need technology if I am going on a trip to disconnect?

We’re all about the idea of switching off on vacation. But tech isn't just about being glued to screens. It's more like having a buddy along for the ride that keeps you safe, helps you out when you're lost, and lets you share those unforgettable moments with your loved ones back home.

What are the travel tech essentials I should bring on a short trip?

For those quick getaways, think about stuff like a portable charger (no dead phones, phew!), a GPS tracker (so you can track down any lost items), a maps app (never get lost again), and an eSIM (staying connected made super simple).

What are the travel tech essentials I should bring on a long trip?

For those long-haul adventures, you might want to grab an eReader (hello, library in your pocket), a ridesharing app (no hailing taxi cabs on dark streets), and noise-canceling earbuds (block out the noise). These extra goodies make the long journey feel like a breeze.

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