Berapa Banyak Data yang Digunakan Zoom?

how much data does zoom use?

Zoom is one of the most popular tools for remote communication, from virtual meetings to online classes and family gatherings. However, with the rising importance of online communication comes the question: How much data does Zoom use? In this blog post, we'll dive into how much data Zoom uses and give you practical tips for how to use less. 

Understanding Zoom's Data Usage

Zoom's data usage varies based on several factors, including the type of meeting, video quality, and features utilized during the session. Here's a breakdown of the general data consumption:

  • Low-quality video: Approximately 300 MB per hour.
  • Standard-quality video: Around 700 MB per hour.
  • High-quality video: Up to 1.3 GB per hour.
  • Audio-only calls: Minimal data usage, averaging around 60 MB per hour.
  • Screen sharing: Data usage can vary but generally adds to the overall consumption. Sharing static content consumes less data than sharing dynamic content.
  • Number of participants: The more participants in a meeting, the higher the overall data consumption.

Tips to Use Less Data on Zoom

Follow these practical tips to use less data during your Zoom calls.

Adjust Video Quality

Turn off your camera when you're not actively participating in video calls to conserve bandwidth. And opt for standard or low-quality video settings, especially in situations where high-definition visuals are not crucial. 

Consider Audio-Only Meetings

For meetings that don't require visual elements, switch to audio-only mode to significantly reduce data usage.

Optimize Screen Sharing

Instead of sharing your entire screen, share a window or specific applications. Sharing static documents or images rather than video also consumes less data. 

Manage Group Size

As a host, manage participant engagement by using features like mute and video controls, especially in large meetings. 

Update Zoom Software

Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Zoom application — updates often include optimization for better performance and reduced data usage.

Monitor Background Applications

Close unnecessary applications and downloads on your device. This will free up bandwidth for your Zoom meeting. 

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