The Situation

As we are all aware, the situation in Ukraine has become deeply concerning.

Currently, More than two million people have fled Ukraine. Sadly, this number is only increasing. At the time of writing this post - Ukrainian refugees are fleeing to Romania, Moldova, Poland and other neighbouring countries.

Meanwhile, many others are stranded in the country. Access to roads, transit, supplies and communication have become extremely limited. Making it very difficult to get in contact with loved ones and safely move around the country.

Our Mission As A Company

As a company dedicated to the mission of bringing universal connectivity, we’ve started the Help Ukraine Connect Fund. We want to make sure our Ukrainian users have free data connectivity during these perilous times.

Airalo will be matching donations at $50,000 USD. These goals may be subject to change, as the campaign reaches stretch goals exceeding this match.  

What You Can Do To Help

We’re kindly asking for your help in this effort by donating whatever you can. Any money you donate will be credited into the Airalo accounts of our Ukrainian users who have expressed their desire to be considered for this fund - giving them free credit towards the purchase of any eSIM they wish to use.    

As the world bands together to aid the people of Ukraine, we wish for the safety, security, and peace of all those affected within the region.

Your support is truly appreciated.

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