How do I install an Airalo eSIM directly on my Samsung Galaxy device?

Not all Samsung Galaxy devices are eSIM-compatible, so it's a good idea to check that your device supports eSIMs before getting started. Please follow the steps in this article to check if your Samsung Galaxy device supports eSIMs and is carrier-unlocked.

Once you have confirmed that your Samsung Galaxy device supports eSIMs and is connected to a stable internet connection, you can follow these steps to set up an eSIM.


  1. OPEN the Airalo app.
  2. TAP My eSIMs.
  3. TAP the eSIM you want to install.
  4. TAP View Instructions.
  5. TAP Direct.
  6. TAP Install eSIM.
  7. TAP Allow.
  8. WAIT a few minutes for your eSIM to activate.

After completing these steps, you will see a confirmation that the eSIM is successfully installed. Once your eSIM is installed, follow the instructions on the eSIM installation page to ensure proper connectivity.


  1. GO to Settings.
  2. TAP Connections.
  3. TAP SIM manager.
  4. TAP Mobile data.
  5. SELECT your eSIM.
  6. CHECK if you need to enable Data Roaming by opening the Airalo app and viewing your eSIM instructions.
  7. GO back to Connections.
  8. TAP Mobile networks.
  9. TOGGLE Data Roaming ON or OFF.
  10. CHECK if you need to update your APN by opening the Airalo app and viewing your eSIM instructions.
    • If the message displayed in the APN field reads The APN is set automatically, no further action is required. 
    • If there is text in the APN field, you must update your APN manually.
  11. GO back to Connections.
  12. TAP Mobile networks.
  13. TAP Access Point Names.
  14. TAP Add.
  15. ENTER the new APN in the APN field.
  16. TAP OK.
  17. ENTER Airalo as the APN's label in the Name field.
  18. LEAVE the other fields blank
  19. TAP the three-dot menu in the upper right corner
  20. TAP Save.

Your eSIM should automatically connect to a supported mobile network.

You can also watch and follow the Samsung Galaxy direct eSIM installation instructions in this video: INSERT VIDEO

If you need more assistance, please contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help.

Prefer a different installation method? You can follow these other installation methods:

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