When can I use the same eSIM?

When can you use the same eSIM:

  • the eSIM has available top-up data package options you can buy
  • you still have it installed on your device
  • you will be using it for the same supported country

When you buy an eSIM, you will see if this eSIM has an available top-up package. If you plan on using the same eSIM again, please do not delete the eSIM. You can leave it installed and simply turn it OFF under Cellular Data Plans while not in use. You can keep on adding a top-up data package to your eSIM as long there’s an available top-up data package. To know how to top up an eSIM, see How can I top up an eSIM?

Please note that you can only use your eSIM and data packages for the supported country. 

When you CANNOT use the same eSIM:

  • there are no available top-up options
  • you plan on using for a different country than you’ve used before and, it’s not supported. 
  • there are necessary updates made to the eSIM

If there are no available top-up options for your eSIM, then it is for one-time use only. You can safely remove the eSIM from your device once the data package is used up or has expired. [Can I remove an eSIM from my device? – Airalo Help Center]

When you want to use your eSIM in another country, please ensure that your eSIM and data packages support the country you are going toOtherwise, you will not be able to use it.

As a quick reference:

  • Local eSIMs support one country only
  • Regional and Global eSIMs cover multiple countries

Also, the eSIMs undergo maintenance and update from time to time. When you try to top-up — the system will route you to the store to get the new eSIM. Your old eSIM will no longer work. A new eSIM ICCID will be given and this will need installation.

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