Perjalanan Sehari Milan ke Danau Como: Semua yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

Milan to Lake Como day trip

Thinking about a day trip from Milan to Lake Como but need a little help planning it? Lake Como, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, is quite the treat. The third-largest lake in Italy is big, beautiful, and surrounded by picturesque villages. To help you make the most of your Milan to Lake Como day trip, we'll discuss exactly how to get there and what to do once you arrive.

Varenna, Lake Como, ItalyVarenna // Unsplash

How to Get From Milan to Varenna, Lake Como

Varenna is a small village on Lake Como and the best place to start your Milan to Lake Como day trip. The train in Milan departs from Milan Centrale and travels directly to Varenna Esino. The trip takes just over an hour. It's the quickest, most convenient, and most affordable way to get from Milan to Lake Como. Trenitalia trains run every day and leave from the station every two hours or so. We recommend getting the earliest train possible. One leaves at 6:20 AM, which gets you to Varenna at 7:30 AM. We know it's early, but you'll want to spend as much of the day in Lake Como as possible.

Lake Como, ItalyLake Como // Unsplash

How to Get Around Lake Como


Once you arrive in Lake Como, getting from one place to the next by ferry is quite easy. However, purchase tickets as soon as you arrive at each town. Tickets sell out, and lines can be long. There are two ferry tickets to purchase for your one day in Lake Como.

The local ferry (Corse Traghetto) takes 15 to 30 minutes to travel from Varenna to Bellagio. Tickets cost approximately US$5.

There are two ferry options here. You can take the fast boat (Corse Rapide), which takes 45 minutes and costs approximately US$16, or you can take the slow boat (Corse Battello), which takes 2 to 2.5 hours and costs approximately US$11. Based on the fact that we only have one day to explore Lake Como, we recommend the fast boat.


Once in the villages surrounding Lake Como, the best way to see the sights is on foot. Wear comfortable shoes, as exploring typically involves cobblestone streets and lots of stairs.

Bellagio, Lake Como, ItalyBellagio // Freepik

One-Day Itinerary for Lake Como

There is much to see and do in Lake Como, but travelers looking for a quick day trip from Milan should focus on Varenna, Belaggio, and Como.

Arriving in Varenna

As suggested above, we recommend that travelers take the train quite early from Milan, arriving in Varenna around 7:30 AM. Varenna is less touristy than other parts of Lake Como, and first thing in the morning, you'll feel the town's tranquility. A fishing village that dates back to the 11th century, Varenna is absolutely charming. Upon arrival, purchase your ferry ticket to Bellagio at 11:25, giving you about four hours to explore.

Begin your day in Varenna by strolling along the Passeggiata degli Innamorati, known as Lover's Walk. Enjoy the beautiful blue lake and the colorful village ahead. The walkway leads you to Riva Grande, Varenna's promenade.

The main square in Varenna is Piazza San Giorgio. Here, you'll spot one of the oldest churches in Lake Como, the Church of San Giovani Batista, colorful homes, and narrow, cobblestoned streets. Don't miss Villa Cipressi, a luxury hotel with gorgeous gardens, and Villa Monastero, the 12th-century villa with roots as a monastery and home to Casa Museo, a museum of its history.

Before leaving Varenna, visit Castello di Vezio. The ancient ruins overlook Varenna and provide impressive 360-degree views across Lake Como.

Arriving in Bellagio

Busier than Varenna, Bellagio offers stunning panoramic views of Lake Como and is often considered one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Upon arrival, purchase ferry tickets to Como at 3:35 PM, leaving approximately four hours to explore. Bellagio is popular for a reason: It's beautiful. With cobblestone streets, flower-adorned balconies, and colorful homes, it's completely charming.

Head up Serbelloni's steps (Salita Serbelloni) to get stunning views of Lake Como. Follow this to the main road, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. This will lead you through the old town center, which has plenty of shops and restaurants, including places to pick up gelato to stroll the streets with a treat. Find your way to Piazza della Chiesa, the heart of the town center. Here, you'll spot Basilica di San Giacomo, a beautiful Romanesque church dating back almost 1,000 years.

Next, head to Punta Spartivento, the northernmost point of Bellagio. There's a small park here and beautiful views of the Lake and Varenna. Also, don't miss the waterfront promenade and Villa Melzi. The promenade offers plenty of shade and ends at the villa, which has a beautiful garden and is often listed as one of the best things to do in Bellagio.

Arriving in Como

Your final ferry of the day takes about 40 minutes. Como is the largest town on the lake and one of the most popular to visit. The ferry drops passengers off at the lakeside promenade, Piazza Cavour. If you're hungry, grab a bite before heading along Via Plinio to Piazza del Duomo. Piazza del Duomo has many attractions, including the 16th-century Church of San Giacomo, the cathedral bell tower, Broletto, and Duomo di Como.

In the heart of Como's historic town, you'll find Piazza San Fedele. What once was a wheat market now sells handcrafted gifts and antiques on Saturdays. You'll also find Basilica di San Fedele, a Romanesque church dating back to 1120.

Piazza Vittoria and Porta Torre are also worth a visit. They border the edge of the previously walled medieval city, built in 1192 to defend its main entrance. Take advantage of the picturesque lakeside walk and the village of Brunate, which can be accessed via funicular and overlooks Como.

After a busy day in Lake Como, relax on the train back to Milan. The journey takes about 40 minutes.

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