Waktu Terbaik Untuk Mengunjungi London

best time to visit London

Planning a trip to London? One of the first considerations is deciding when to visit. The best time to explore this vibrant city can depend on several factors, including crowd levels, prices, and weather. In this guide, we'll walk you through London's main tourism seasons and when you should plan to go. Let's jump in.

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London's Main Tourism Seasons

Here's a breakdown of London's main tourism seasons:

  • High Season: Early June to early September
  • Shoulder Seasons: Late April to May and September to mid-October
  • Low Season: Late October to early April

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Best Time to Visit London for Fewer Crowds

April to May and September to mid-October

When it comes to enjoying popular attractions without the overwhelming crowds, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons. From late spring (April to May) and early autumn (September to mid-October), you'll find London with fewer tourists. These off-peak months provide a more tranquil experience, allowing you to appreciate landmarks like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum without the long queues and jostling crowds.

Best Time to Visit London for Lower Prices

January to February

Want to make the most of your travel budget? Look out for the months when London tends to have lower prices on flights, accommodations, and attractions. The winter season, especially January and February, often brings great deals as it falls outside the peak tourist period. You can take advantage of discounted hotel rates and even find affordable theater tickets for renowned West End shows. Just remember to pack your warm clothes!

Buckingham Palace, LondonUnsplash

Best Time to Visit London for Good Weather

June to July

While London is known for its rainy reputation, there are times when the weather is more favorable. For long days and warm evenings, plan your visit during the early summer months, between June and July. During this time, you can enjoy pleasant walks through iconic parks like Hyde Park and Regents Park without the scorching heat that August brings.

Best Time to Visit London for Festivals

July to August and October

London hosts several exciting festivals and events throughout the year, adding an extra dose of culture and entertainment to your visit. If you're a music enthusiast, don't miss the BBC Proms in July and August, a world-renowned classical music festival. For art lovers, the Frieze Art Fair in October is an incredible showcase of contemporary art. Plan accordingly, and you might catch the vibrant Notting Hill Carnival in August, one of Europe's largest street festivals.

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