Perencanaan Perjalanan: Daftar Periksa Perjalanan Internasional Terbaik

The ultimate international travel checklist

An upcoming trip to a foreign destination is exciting but involves more planning than domestic travel. And we're here to help! Make planning and packing for your next vacation easier and less stressful with our international travel checklist. Follow these easy steps to prepare the necessary travel essentials and get started on your next grand adventure.

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Things To Do Before Going on Vacation

Before leaving home, some important items to check off your list include the following:

Book Travel

Securing travel and destination accommodations is the first order of business. Whether using a travel agent, a third-party booking site, or taking a do-it-yourself approach, ensure all arrangements are refundable in case of an illness, emergency, or a natural disaster.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a good idea when you're purchasing a non-refundable plane ticket. Check with the credit card company corresponding to the card you used to book the trip. If a third party, such as a travel agent or online travel fare aggregator, was used, you might need to purchase travel insurance directly through them. Always read the fine print to determine what is and isn't covered and if monetary thresholds or deductibles must be met before reimbursement is an option.

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Get an eSIM

Purchase and install an eSIM from Airalo to stay connected during your travels. It's easy to get started. Download the Airalo app, find an eSIM for your destination, install the eSIM on your smartphone, and instantly connect to a mobile network upon arrival.

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Copy and Save Important Documents

Making copies of all important documents will save time in a travel emergency. Start by scanning and saving your documents to a secure cloud server. Next, save them to a smartphone encrypted with a password, biometrics, and two-factor authentication. Finally, make a hard copy of each one. Some of the necessary documents every traveler needs to make a copy of include your driver's license, passport, travel or work visa, health insurance card, travel itinerary, airline tickets (this should also be stored on the airline's smartphone app), hotel booking reservations, and vaccination documents.

Test All Tech

This is a crucial item to check off. Testing your devices before leaving ensures they'll work in the destination country and gives you time to purchase new ones if they're not functional. For example, a smartphone constantly running out of space will cause stress when you're trying to take Instagram-worthy photos on vacation. This might mean it's time to upgrade. This is also an excellent time to buy any necessary power converters.

Know Important Passwords

Learn the passwords for your accounts, such as the previously mentioned cloud account where vital documents are stored, bank accounts, credit card accounts, and anything else you may need to access while away from home. This way, you can perform account maintenance if necessary, and access is available in an emergency.

Hire a House Sitter

Secure a house sitter or have a friend or family member care for your home and pets while you're away. A house sitter will maintain a physical presence in your home and pick up mail and packages while deterring those who might take advantage of unoccupied quarters. 

Exchange Money

Getting foreign currency before arriving in the country means you'll have money available upon landing, which also gives you more time to take advantage of favorable exchange rates.

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What To Pack for International Travel

Every destination is different, so it's helpful to learn about the country before packing. Research the climate's highs and lows and any expected precipitation during your travel dates.

Many packing parameters will center around the traveler's itinerary. An athletic-related vacation, such as an Italian countryside bicycle tour, will require different clothing than one that is more focused on indoor historical sites. Always stay informed of specific cultural or religious clothing restrictions that may prohibit bare shoulders, require hair coverings, etc.

Here are some helpful items to add to your packing checklist:

  • An eSIM: While it isn't tangible, it bears adding an eSIM to your packing list simply because it's too important to forget. Connecting with friends, family, and work is essential, even on vacation. (Well, maybe not work!).
  • Multi-purpose clothing: Since clothing adds bulk to your bag, it's wise to find items that'll mix and match, meaning fewer pieces of clothing to pack. Choose items appropriate for sleep, dress occasions, casual, and athletics. Remember undergarments and socks, and outerwear, too.
  • Secure waist belt: Wear a small belt underneath your waistband to secure cash, credit cards, keys, and a passport.
  • Important documents: See the list above.
  • Shoes: Select one or two pairs of shoes that will coordinate with various outfits yet are comfortable and durable. Include shoes for specific activities on your itinerary, like hiking.
  • Toiletries: These will be specific to individual travelers but will generally include shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, bug spray, cotton swabs, cotton balls, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, makeup, skincare items, glasses, contacts and solutions, and brush or comb. Check the TSA's website to ensure you comply with their current portion regulations.
  • Personal accessories: Every traveler will have a few signature things they want to bring, such as sunglasses, hats, and jewelry.
  • Medical Items: Bring any prescription medicine in its original bottle with the label intact. Have enough extra medication on hand in case of a travel delay. Include a travel first-aid kit and over-the-counter pain relief medication.
  • Technology: Include earbuds or headphones, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and related cords, plugs, and adapters. Be sure to have enough universal adapters for all devices. Add a small portable power bank if your phone battery runs low while on an adventure.
  • Miscellaneous: Add a few more things to your list to make the trip easier. Include a reusable water bottle, packable bag or backpack, snacks, earplugs, and entertainment items. A day bag, purse, or cross-body bag are also good things to pack.

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With these helpful travel tips, whether you're a seasoned traveler or a novice jet-setter, you can prepare everything before your departure! Remember, get an eSIM before you travel to stay connected during your trip. 

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