Can I Use My iPhone in Europe? Here's What You Need To Know

Can I use my iphone in europe?

歐洲是全球最受歡迎的旅遊目的地之一,每年接待近 6 億遊客。 如果您計劃去歐洲旅行,您可能會想知道到達那裡後是否可以使用您的 iPhone。 簡短的回答是:是的,可以! 在本指南中,我們將引導您了解如何為歐洲旅行準備您的 iPhone,並在在國外時保持聯繫。 讓我們開始吧


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在去歐洲旅行之前,檢查一下你的iPhone是否與當地的網路相容是很重要的。 iPhone 支援各種網路技術,包括 GSM(歐洲的網路標準)。 不過,為了確保您的iPhone能夠正常運作,建議您在出行前檢查您的特定型號以及支援的頻段。

攜帶無綁約的 iPhone 旅行

如果您打算使用本地 SIM 卡或 eSIM 保持連接,您還需要確保您的 iPhone 並沒有綁約。 電信商綁約的 iPhone僅與一個電信商或網路供應商相容,限制了您在國外時的連線選項。 

這裡是如何檢查你的 iPhone 是否已無綁約:

  • 前往設定
  • 點擊一般,關於本機
  • 向下滑動到“運營商鎖定” 或電信業者鎖定”
  • 如果您的 iPhone 已鎖定/綁約,您將看到電信業者的名稱
  • 如果您的 iPhone 為空機,您會看到 沒有SIM 卡限制


當您在歐洲時保持聯繫的一種方法是盡可能使用無線網路。 大多數歐洲城市和熱門旅遊的酒店、咖啡廳以及公共場所都有廣泛的無線網路覆蓋。

不過,需要注意的是,Wi-Fi 網路存在一定的風險,且強烈建議使用 VPN 以確保安全連線。 此外,不斷搜尋並連接到不同的 無線網路可能會很麻煩,並且浪費寶貴的假期時間。


另一種選擇是在旅行時使用行動數據。 即使您在行程中,行動數據也能讓您保持連線。 Plus, cellular networks have a wider coverage area than Wi-Fi, which means you'll experience less downtime without an internet connection.

The catch: Roaming fees. When you travel outside your mobile provider's coverage area (for example, to Europe), your phone "roams" to pick up a new signal and keep you connected. While this enables you to continue to access data, call, and text, it also comes with additional charges from your carrier.

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Using a Daily Roaming Plan in Europe

One way to keep roaming fees under wraps is by purchasing a roaming plan from your mobile provider. A roaming plan allows you to continue using your domestic phone plan abroad for a daily fee, which includes an allowance for data, calls, and texts. 

Roaming plans can be quite expensive, and they may come with hidden costs. Most American mobile providers charge a daily rate of around US$12 and US$15. This daily rate isn't based on the amount of data, calls, or texts that you use, but rather on a flat fee per day. That means you'll have to pay the same amount whether you use 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB of data.

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Using a Local SIM Card in Europe

Another option is to purchase a local SIM card. A local SIM is a physical SIM card you buy at your destination. It's sold as a prepaid bundle that gives you a fixed amount of data, calls, and texts for your trip. To get connected, you need to pop out your regular SIM card and insert the local SIM. If you choose this option, be careful to keep your regular SIM card in a safe place so you don't lose it during your travels.

You can buy a local SIM card at the airport, newsstands, convenience stores, telecom and mobile shops, electronics stores, and even vending machines. The price of a local SIM will vary depending on the country you're visiting and the local telecom company you choose. However, it's usually more cost-effective than a daily roaming plan. 

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Using an eSIM in Europe

You can also purchase an eSIM plan to keep your iPhone connected in Europe. Just like a local SIM, it's a prepaid plan that allows you to access data, call, and text services when you travel. You can get an eSIM package from a provider like Airalo — we have plans for Europe starting at just US$5 — and instantly connect to a mobile network when you arrive at your destination. 

The best part? You don't need to find a local SIM card vendor, remove your physical SIM card, or stress about expensive roaming fees while you travel. The only caveat is that you need an eSIM-compatible device (most iPhones manufactured since 2018 fit the bill) to install one on your iPhone.

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FAQ About Traveling to Europe With an iPhone

Can I bring my iPhone to Europe?

Yes, you can! iPhones are compatible with GSM networks, which is the standard in Europe. Make sure you have an unlocked phone to avoid restrictions from your carrier. 

Which iPhone is best for international travel?

Any eSIM-compatible iPhone is a great choice for international travel. It's also a good idea to have a model with good battery performance and a top-notch camera. Upgraded models offer the most benefits, so the most recent iPhone will usually be your best bet. 

Does it cost extra to use my iPhone in Europe?

Using your iPhone in Europe will cost extra if you rely on data roaming. You can avoid surprise roaming charges by getting a daily roaming plan from your provider, purchasing a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination, or getting an eSIM to stay connected when you travel. 

How do I use my iPhone in Europe without charges?

To avoid roaming charges in Europe, consider using an eSIM or getting a local SIM card at your destination. Both options give you access to prepaid data, calls, and texts when you travel. An eSIM is the better option, with more affordable rates and 100% digital functionality.

How can I save money while traveling to Europe with an iPhone?

You can save money by purchasing a Europe eSIM before you travel. An eSIM gives you access to affordable data, calls, and texts so you can stay connected while you're abroad. Other ways to save money include booking your flight and accommodation in advance, traveling during off-peak seasons, using public transportation at your destination, and taking self-guided tours while you're there. 

You're all set to use your iPhone in Europe! Don't forget to purchase an eSIM for seamless connectivity while you're there. Visit the Airalo store to find eSIMs for Europe and 200+ countries and regions worldwide. 

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