The Best SIM Cards for Seafarers & Seamen

Best SIM cards for Seafarers

當您的工作需要前往偏遠地區時,獲得可靠的網路訊號可能會很困難 – 就像海洋的中央。 在海上,連接是一項艱鉅的任務,尤其是當看不到手機訊號塔(或陸地)時。 航海員該做什麼? 我們為航海員和船員整理了這份最佳 SIM 卡指南。


在海上連接網路並不像在露營旅行中尋找行動網路。 這更加的複雜。 您不僅會身處沒有服務的偏遠地區,而且還必須擔心以下問題:

  • 在海上時您在哪個國家,跨越國界時並不總是很明顯。 您唯一的跡象可能是您的手機正在收取漫遊費。
  • 您需要多少網路數據, 航海員的網路需求與其他旅客不同。 您需要一個支援視訊通話和串流媒體等數據豐富的活動的方案。
  • 你一趟行程需要多久的時間。 在海上停留幾個月的情況並不少見。 這可能會使重新調整網路方案或購買新的 SIM 卡變得困難。 您需要提前規劃網路方案。
  • 您的船上是否有 Wi-Fi。有些船上有 Wi-Fi 如果您的情況如此,您的網路需求將會減少。 嘗試提前發現這一點,如果需要依賴網路,則制定備份計劃。 
  • 出遊前還有多少時間。 這將決定您是否可以為海員使用傳統的 SIM 卡,還是需要考慮 eSIM 之類的解決方案

適合航海員和船員的 3 張最佳 SIM 卡

在為長途海上旅行選擇 SIM 卡時,您有多種選擇。 以下是最適合航海員和船員的三張 SIM 卡,以及關於哪種解決方案更好的一些想法。

針對航海員的全球 SIM 卡

全球SIM卡長期以來一直是海上工作者的傳統選擇。 它們通常是實體 SIM 卡,您需要提前訂購。 他們提供全球多數國家的網路,並提供足夠的數據流六來滿足您的需求。

如果您符合以下條件,全球 SIM 卡是個不錯的選擇:

  • 擁有不支援下載 eSIM 技術的手機
  • 需要跨越多個國家和地區使用網路保持聯繫
  • 有時間等待出貨和收貨

航海員購買的本地 SIM 卡

Local SIM cards are just what they sound like: SIM cards purchased in the region or country you're currently in. You'll usually get a local number and access to data plans at local rates. That can make them incredibly cheap while still giving you fast data, making them attractive.

Local SIM cards aren't always the best option for people at sea. When you dock, you need to search for them and make sure the re-seller doesn't offer you one at a higher price. Generally, they're a bit more limited unless you find one that offers regional service. Likewise, it's unlikely you'll be able to top up online, which means you could find yourself out of data.

Local SIM card options are nonetheless something to consider if you:

  • Will stay within the waters of a single country
  • Will be at the port for an extended period
  • Need a local number for calling and texting

eSIMs for Seafarers

An eSIM, or embedded SIM card, is an excellent option for seafarers and seamen. It's a much more convenient alternative to physical SIM cards. Unlike international and local SIM cards, there's no physical component associated with an eSIM. Instead, you can purchase and download an eSIM package from our eSIM store. It's easy to install, and you'll be able to connect to a mobile network in minutes.

The eSIM is the most flexible of the three best SIM cards for seafarers and seamen. You can purchase a single country, regional, or global data plan and install and store multiple eSIMs before your trip. Need more data? It's easy to top them up online to prevent disruptions in your service. The only downside is that not all phones support eSIM, and you need to be connected to the internet to install it. Check if your phone is eSIM capable here.

An eSIM from Airalo has many benefits if you:

  • Want to stay connected in 200+ countries and regions worldwide
  • Want the flexibility of switching your mobile plan as you travel
  • Want to use affordable data via eSIM and continue receiving calls and SMS with your primary SIM card
  • Want a global plan with data, call, and text services

Staying connected at sea has its challenges — and an eSIM simplifies everything. With a single eSIM, you'll have coverage wherever you sail, no physical SIM card is required, and you can easily stay in contact with your loved ones back home. 

Happy sailing! Check out the Airalo store for eSIM data plans and instant connectivity.

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