What Should I Do To My iPhone When Traveling Internationally?

在計劃下一次的重大冒險時,請確保您已經了解了所有基礎知識 - 尤其是您的電子設備。 如果您有 iPhone,則在出國旅行之前需要做一些事情,以確保自己安全、保持網路聯繫且無壓力。

冒險旅行可能充滿驚喜。 以下是您在出國旅行時應該對您的 iPhone 進行的操作,以確保它們是您滿意的。

出國旅行前用 iPhone 做的 6 件事

如果您計劃出國度假或旅行,您可能會毫不猶豫地攜帶 iPhone。 雖然超級方便,但您的 iPhone 也需要像您一樣做一些準備。 以下是我們在出國旅行前應如何處理 iPhone 的六項最佳建議。

1. 確保您的 iPhone 為無綁約手機

電信商會鎖定智慧型手機以讓人們繼續使用他們的服務,但如果您出國旅行,這會非常不方便。 鎖定的手機會阻止您存取本地 SIM 卡甚至 eSIM 服務。 如果您的手機被鎖定,您會發現自己要嘛只能使用Wi-Fi,要嘛要承受許多電信商在國外收取的競爭力不強的國際漫遊費率(假設您所在的地區有覆蓋範圍) )。

如果您的 iPhone 目前已鎖定,Apple 建議您聯絡電信業者讓他們解鎖。 通常,解釋一下您將出國旅行並需要獲得本地電話號碼就足夠了。 但是,如果他們拒絕,還有其他第三方選項。

2. 熟悉基於WiFi網路的App服務

如果您在希望提供網路的地區旅行,基於網路 的服務是可以考慮的選項之一。 這些服務不使用行動網路,而是讓您的 iPhone 透過網路執行其功能。 對於 iPhone,請考慮以下事項:

  • 本機 Apple 應用程式:您的 iPhone 上已存在多個基於 Wi-Fi 的內建應用程式。 iMessage 讓您透過 Wi-Fi 傳送文字(僅限其他 iPhone)。 FaceTime 讓您透過網路進行音訊和視訊通話。
  • Facebook Messenger:Messenger 應用程式獨立於 Facebook - 即使您的 Facebook 帳戶未激活,您也可以使用它。
  • WhatsApp、Telegram 或 Line:透過這些流行的應用程式安全地發送簡訊或撥打電話。

即使您購買了本地 SIM 卡或 eSIM 網路方案,基於 Wi-Fi 的服務也可以幫助您最大限度地減少網路數據使用量,從而從您的方案中獲得最大收益。

3. 關閉數據漫遊直至您離開

始終關閉SIM卡的數據漫遊,以防止您的 iPhone 連接國外的合作夥伴網路 - 這就是您最終會收到巨額帳單的原因。 為了更加安全,您可能還需要在旅途中完全關閉SIM卡的 行動數據,以防止手機存取所有網路。 (You'll need it with an eSIM data plan, however.)

To turn off data roaming:

  • Go to "Settings"
  • Select "Cellular"
  • Select "Data Roaming" and turn it off
  • Select "Cellular Data" and turn that off, too

4. Get an eSIM Data Plan

An eSIM data plan lets you access local data at local prices directly from your phone. You can purchase these ahead of time and simply activate one when you arrive at your destination. It won't give you a local number (you'll need either Dual SIM capabilities or one of the above texting or calling apps). However, you'll still have a fully functional phone that avoids expensive data roaming packages.

5. Reset Your Usage Statistics

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your data usage while you're traveling since how it's measured might differ. You'll also be able to spot apps that eat up data quickly and take steps to prevent that from continuing.

To reset your data usage statistics on an iPhone:

  • Go to "Settings"
  • Select "Cellular"
  • Select "Reset Statistics"

Doing so will give you a clear view of your data usage while you travel.

6. Update Your Multi-Factor Authentication Steps

Two-step or multi-factor authentication is an important security practice that helps keep your accounts safe. Most 2FA is text-based, meaning you'll get a text with a secret code to prove your identity. However, if you don't have phone service abroad, you may find yourself locked out of your email or bank account at a critical moment.

Avoid this by updating your 2FA logins to be accessible to you as much as possible. Some ideas include:

  • Use a backup email if you're able.
  • Get a Google Voice number or temporarily port your phone number to Google.
  • Switch to an app-based authenticator, such as Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator.

Save Time, Money, and Stress by Preparing Ahead of Time

You've planned out your itinerary, expenses, and experiences meticulously. Do the same with your iPhone. From making sure you can take advantage of local SIM cards and eSIM data plans to updating your security steps, there are at least a few things you should do with your iPhone before traveling internationally.

Most of all, make sure you have a plan to stay connected the next time you travel. With an Airalo eSIM, getting mobile data is quick, easy, and stress-free. Check out the mobile data plans available at your next destination right here.

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