Abraham Burak

Co-Founder, COO Airalo

Abraham Burak, Airalo's co-founder, and COO, is a Canadian businessperson. A lawyer by training and a bricoleur at heart, Abraham’s professional life has been at the nexus of academia and business management.

Before dropping out of his Ph.D. and devoting his work full-time to building Airalo, Abraham served as a legal and business consultant. His entrepreneurial journey took him to different sectors such as maritime, wealth management, and legal services, spanning a little over a decade.

When not contributing to Airalo's cutting-edge work, Abraham spends most of his time volunteering at non-profit organizations which include giving pro bono services, empowering communities via job training, and providing counseling for young adults on their academic and employment futures.

Abraham received his bachelor of law from Fudan University in China; studied international law at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and at The Hague Academy of International Law in The Netherlands, finished a graduate program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago in the U.S. and pursued a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Abraham enjoys woodworking as a pastime and is currently taking clarinet lessons and working his way towards developing a personal tone in jazz and Balkan music. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

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