What Are the Benefits of an eSIM?

eSIM is a new technology that has multiple benefits compared to a regular SIM card. From maintaining seamless connectivity abroad to retaining your phone number, an eSIM lets you simplify your travels. Check out this article and understand the main advantages.
December 4th, 2020

SIM vs. eSIM: Is shifting to a new technology even worth it?

Want to know the difference between eSIM vs SIM mobile technology? Here’s the pros and cons of both cards to determine if you need a phone that supports eSIM.
November 6th, 2020

When eSIMs turn into water

At Airalo, we have a mission that’s very dear to our hearts and that we deeply believe in. We want to be a powerful weapon against poverty, discrimination and ignorance. We're truly humbled to share with you that we’ve built our first water well in a tiny village in Cameroon.
November 4th, 2020

12 eSIM phones that you need to know plus the best ones to use overseas

Want to know which eSIM phones are best to travel with? Learn more about the top twelve phones to use overseas for the best global connection quality.
October 8th, 2020

How does an international eSIM work? Your complete guide

If you’re looking for a physical international SIM card, no such thing exists. But eSIMs give you international travelling abilities without the hardware.
June 15th, 2020

What Should I Do To My iPhone When Traveling Internationally?

Make sure that your iPhone is unlocked and data roaming is turned off when traveling. Don't go travelling without doing these other 4 things either.
June 8th, 2020

What is an eSIM data plan? Everything you need to know

eSIM data plans often cost much less than regular data plans, and they definitely beat data roaming charges. Plus they are prepaid, so they don’t lock you into a contract.
June 4th, 2020

How to use an eSIM to simplify your phone service abroad

If your phone has eSIM capabilities (hint: iPhones do) then all that you have to do is download the app and purchase your eSIM data plan.
June 1st, 2020

The dos and don’ts of using your phone abroad

There are lots of pitfalls when traveling abroad with your phone, such as expensive data roaming charges and relying on airplane mode. Here’s what to do instead.
May 27th, 2020

The eSIM vs. nano-SIM: Which is better?

Nano-SIMs are micro SIM cards, while eSIMs are digital technology. You won’t have to install anything with an eSIM, but not all phones support them.
May 26th, 2020

eSIM price changes and what it means for you

April 3rd, 2020

See this handy Airalo eSIM activation guide to get your phone effortlessly internet-ready today

Want to unlock eSIM on any phone without spending a fortune? Learn how to complete eSIM activation with Airalo and experience unlimited connectivity freedom.
January 28th, 2020

Your essential guide on how to use an Airalo eSIM

Want to know exactly how to activate Airalo eSIM data plans to stay connected wherever you travel? Learn how to use eSIM to reimagine your entire travel experience.
January 25th, 2020

What is an eSIM? Awesome technology for travelers who want mobile data freedom

What is an eSIM and how is it changing the way we connect anywhere on the globe? Find out how this technology is making travel easier than ever before.
January 16th, 2020

How do you use eSIMs? Know the right steps to use your eSIM capable iPhone anywhere

Want to know how you can travel anywhere with Apple products without serious data charges? Find out how you can by unlocking Apple eSIM technology.
January 9th, 2020

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