Explore France: Top 5 Day Trips From Paris

top 5 day trips from Paris

Paris, the City of Light, dazzles with its iconic landmarks, but venture just beyond its borders, and you'll discover plenty of enchanting destinations waiting to be explored. Here are five captivating day trips, each offering a unique glimpse into the diverse beauty of France.

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Palais de Versailles, FranceUnsplash

1. Versailles

Distance from Paris: A mere 20 kilometers (12 miles)
How to Get There: A short train ride from Gare Montparnasse to Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche station

Imagine wandering through the opulent halls once graced by kings and queens! Versailles is pretty much synonymous with regal elegance — spend your day immersed in the grandeur of the Palace and the vastness of its gardens. Expect to be bedazzled by the Hall of Mirrors and the château’s lavish staterooms. If you fancy a pastoral escape, venture to the Trianon Estates or row a boat on the Grand Canal.

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Lily pond in Giverny, FranceUnsplash

2. Giverny

Distance from Paris: About 75 kilometers (46 miles)
How to Get There: Take a 45-minute train from Paris St-Lazare to Vernon, then a short bus or bike ride to Giverny

The picturesque village of Giverny is a living canvas that famously inspired Claude Monet. Visit his house and the iconic lily pond that birthed some of the most famous paintings in the world. Stroll through the blooming gardens and see the Japanese bridge that often features in Monet's work. It's a colorful escape that will make you feel like you've stepped right into an impressionist masterpiece.

Local tip: The charming town of Vernon offers delightful spots for a leisurely lunch before or after your Giverny visit.

3. Champagne Region

Distance from Paris: About 160 kilometers (100 miles)
How to Get There: A comfortable 45-minute high-speed train ride to Reims

Heads up, wine lovers! A day trip to the Champagne region is a must. Indulge in tastings and tours at world-renowned champagne houses, explore the historic city of Reims, and marvel at its gothic cathedral, where French kings were once crowned. The rolling vineyards and charming villages offer the perfect backdrop for sipping the effervescent nectar. Visit big-name houses like Veuve Clicquot and Moët & Chandon, but also spare some time for small, local producers where you can discover the passion behind every bottle.

Chateau Cheverny, Loire Valley, FranceUnsplash

4. Loire Valley

Distance from Paris: About 200 kilometers (124 miles)
How to Get There: Catch a train to Tours or Blois, each trip taking about 1.5-2 hours

Known as the "Garden of France," the Loire Valley is dotted with over 300 châteaux, each with its own story. From the majestic Château de Chambord to the romantic Château de Chenonceau that arches over the River Cher, this region is a fairytale setting brought to life. Between castles, you can savor some Loire Valley wines and local goat cheese.

Mont Saint-Michel, FranceUnsplash

5. Mont Saint Michel

Distance from Paris: Roughly 360 kilometers (224 miles)
How to Get There: Board a train to Rennes (about 2 hours), then take a bus to the magical Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel seems to rise from the seas like a vision from another age. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a medieval marvel, with a towering abbey that has stood the test of time. Wander the winding streets, learn about centuries of history, and indulge in famous fluffy omelets that are as heavenly as the scenery. Be sure to check the tide schedules; the island becomes particularly enchanting when it's cut off from the mainland at high tide.

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