What To Pack: The Ultimate Mexico Packing List

Mexico packing list

Heading to Mexico? Prepare for an adventure in a land known for its colorful culture, delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches, and historic ruins. Depending on your itinerary — lounging on Cancun's beach, wandering the streets of Mexico City, or exploring ancient Mayan ruins, you'll need to pack accordingly. This ultimate Mexico packing list will help you include everything you need for your trip.

Ruins on the beach at Tulum, MexicoUnsplash

Travel Essentials

Ensure you've covered these basics:

  • Passport and travel documents: Are your passport and visa in order? It's wise to keep photocopies in case you misplace the original ones.
  • Payment methods: While credit cards are widely accepted in Mexico, having some Mexican Pesos on you can be handy in smaller establishments or during emergencies.
  • First-aid kit: Pack a small kit with essentials like bandaids, antiseptic cream, and medication for headaches or upset stomach.
  • Insurance and important contacts: Remember to carry your travel insurance documents and keep important contact numbers easily accessible.


Choosing what to pack for Mexico can depend on the time of year and your planned activities. Mexico's climate varies from beach areas to highlands. Comfortable, lightweight outfits are often the best option, with additional layers for cooler evenings.

Beach chairs and umbrella in Cancun, MexicoUnsplash


Planning to hit Mexico's breathtaking beaches? Don't forget:

  • Swimsuits and cover-ups: If soaking in the sun or surfing is on your agenda, pack a couple of swimsuits and cover-ups.
  • Sunscreen and sun protection: Protect your skin with sunblock, a wide-brimmed hat, and protective sunglasses.
  • Beach towels and accessories: Having your beach towel is always a good idea.


Exploring urban gems or ancient ruins requires comfortable walking shoes. Planning jungle hikes? Good-quality hiking boots are your best bet. And, of course, pack some flip-flops to enjoy the beach or poolside!

Chichén Itzá, MexicoUnsplash

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor adventure on the itinerary? Here's what to pack:

  • Light jacket: For rainy days or unexpected temperature drop, a lightweight jacket can be handy.
  • Lightweight backpack: This will be useful for carrying items while you're out exploring.
  • Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated without contributing to plastic waste!

Tech and Electronics

Stay connected and capture every moment in Mexico with:

  • Smartphone and charger: Bring along your smartphone and adapter that's compatible with Mexican outlets.
  • eSIM: A Mexico eSIM allows you to connect like a local within minutes of arrival. Read emails, browse the internet, and post on social media without worrying about surprise roaming bills while you're away.
  • Power bank: You'll appreciate this for those long day trips, where an extra charging option is a lifesaver.

Now, with your Mexico packing list prepared, you are ready for your adventure ahead. Keep in mind that travel needs vary, so adapt the list to suit your plans. 

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