Can I reinstall an eSIM?

No, eSIMs typically can’t be reinstalled. We highly recommend you don’t remove any eSIM that you still intend to use. 

Once an eSIM is removed from your device, you may encounter an error when trying to download it again. You will need to purchase, install, and activate a new eSIM to access mobile networks in your destination.

We recommend temporarily disabling the eSIM when you are not using it. Please note, your validity period is not paused when you temporarily disable your eSIM.

Why you should not remove an eSIM that you still want to use

Unlike traditional physical SIM cards that can be swapped between devices, eSIMs are tied to the device's hardware and cannot be easily transferred or reinstalled.

When an eSIM’s validity period ends or it runs out of data, you can still top up that eSIM with a new data package. To purchase a top-up, tap My eSIMs > TOP UP and select the package you’d like to purchase.

Why you might want to temporarily disable your eSIM

Temporarily disabling an eSIM can help you conserve data when you're not actively using the eSIM. This also prevents your eSIM from consuming data in the background, which can be particularly useful when traveling or when you have limited data plans.

To temporarily disable an eSIM on iOS devices:

1. Go to Settings > Cellular > SIMs.
2. Scroll to and select the relevant eSIM.  
3. Toggle Turn This Line On off.

To temporarily disable an eSIM on Android devices:

1. Go to Settings > SIM cards & mobile networks.
2. Scroll to Manage eSIM and select the relevant eSIM.
3. Select Disable from the “Disable mobile plan” prompt.

Keep in mind that disabling the eSIM does not deactivate it permanently. Your eSIM is put in a dormant state until you choose to reactivate it. 

If you encounter any difficulties with your eSIM or have questions about managing it, please contact our support team. We’ll be happy to help you.

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