Berapa Hari yang Anda Butuhkan di Roma? Rencana Perjalanan 4 Hari Terbaik

How many days do you need in Rome?

Rome has it all — incredible art and architecture, rich history, and mouthwatering cuisine. But with so much to see and do, you may wonder how long to spend there. That's where we come in. We recommend spending four days in Rome to fully experience all it has to offer. In this guide, we'll walk you through a detailed four-day itinerary, packed with must-see attractions and practical tips to help you make the most of your time in the Eternal City.

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The Tiber River, RomeUnsplash

Consider These Questions When Planning a Trip to Rome

Before booking your trip, take a moment to consider the questions below. They'll help determine the logistics you should keep in mind for your stay. They key questions you need to answer include:

When Will You Arrive and Depart Rome?

We recommend you arrive as early as possible to begin your adventure. If you're flying into Rome or arriving by train, book a red-eye flight or train ticket. Do the same at the end of your trip by scheduling the last flight or train out of Rome to maximize the time available to see the sights.

Where Will You Stay in Rome?

We encourage you to book your accommodations in the heart of Rome. This is a good jumping-off point to start each day's sightseeing. If you stay further out in the city, you'll waste valuable time getting from one place to the next.

How Will You Navigate the City?

Walking from your hotel each morning is a good way to move throughout the immediate area when your destinations are nearby. For anything further away, opt for public transportation. The Metro is a quick option, followed by the bus, while taxis tend to be more expensive. Renting a bicycle is a fun way to see Rome, as well, since you can cover more ground than while on foot but have the luxury of stopping whenever you like.

What Time of Year Will You Visit Rome?

Rome is ideal throughout the year, but certain seasons have their advantages. The summer months are hotter and bring in larger crowds of tourists. In the winter, you'll have fewer people to contend with but need to pack bulkier clothing to keep warm.

Four-Day Rome Itinerary

While there is so much to see in the beautiful city of Rome, this four-day itinerary will help you check off the must-see places on your Roman bucket list.

The Colosseum, RomeThe Colosseum // Unsplash

Day 1: Explore Historic Sites

You can explore Rome on foot on your first day. Begin at the Colosseum. Purchase tickets online to ensure a quick entrance early in the morning. Book a guided tour of both the Colosseum and the nearby Roman Forum to make the most of these historic sites.

From there, move through the stages of Roman history with a walk along the Via dei Fori Imperiali and end at Trajan's Column. The path is lined with statues of Roman Emperors and corresponding plaques detailing their part in history.

Continue walking toward the magnificent Trevi Fountain. Toss a coin into the fountain, as the legend suggests, so you can return to Rome. If you're hungry, stop at an eatery nearby or pick up some gelato.

Your next stop is the Pantheon. Take a self-guided audio tour of the impressive structure. Head back to the Colosseum after dark to see it lit up, and then stop for a traditional Italian dinner.

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Aerial view of the Vatican CityThe Vatican City // Unsplash

Day 2: Discover the Vatican City

Travel to another country and spend the day there. The Vatican City is a country within the city of Rome. Be advised that there is a dress code that you must follow to gain entrance. Plan on spending the whole day here, as there's so much to see.

Book a tour or purchase tickets before arriving to ensure entrance and avoid the lines. Walk through the Vatican Museums and admire their beauty. The route ends in the Sistine Chapel, where you can spend extra time taking it all in. Take a break from your day and stop for lunch in the museum complex.

Tour St. Peter's Basilica and climb to the top of the dome for expansive views of Vatican City and Rome. From there, go downstairs into the crypts to explore. By the time you've finished seeing the sights in the Vatican City, it'll be time for dinner. Walk back into Rome and find a sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Italian meal.

Castel Sant'Angelo, RomeCastel Sant'Angelo // Unsplash

Day 3: Visit Castel Sant’Angelo and the Tiber River

Visit the Castel Sant'Angelo, which was initially the Mausoleum of Hadrian and then a fortress for former popes. This rotunda is easy to see on your own or as part of a tour. The Ponte Sant'Angelo, with its unique architecture, is worth a visit. Walk across this famed bridge on the Tiber for amazing views. Expect this part of your day to take two to three hours.

Walk along the Tiber River and stop at the small shops along the street. Continue on your way until you reach Tiber Island, where you'll find the Temple of Asclepius. Learn about its ancient significance, as it was a former site for holy pilgrimages.

From the Tiber, continue walking toward Circus Maximus. Pick up a to-go dinner on the way to eat in the grassy area. If you're lucky, there might be an outdoor concert or sporting event to watch while you're eating.

Trees and ruins lining the Appian Way, RomeThe Appian Way // Walks of Italy

Day 4: Tour the Appian Way, Aqueducts, Catacombs, and Trastevere

Pack a picnic lunch, rent a bicycle, and ride to the Appian Way in the morning. It was a crucial route in the ancient republic that you can experience on your way to the Aqueducts. This is the perfect place to rest and eat a snack while taking in the magnificence of the Aqueducts.

The ride will take you onto the Catacombs of St. Callixtus. The architecture is enthralling, so plan to take your time. Stop anywhere on the route and settle into a grassy area to enjoy your lunch before biking back into Rome.

After freshening up in your hotel, spend the evening in Trastevere. This is a bohemian area within Rome known for its artisan shops and unique trattorias Take your time walking around the neighborhood, sampling the food and drinks, and exploring the shops.

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