Mengapa Anda Harus Menjadi Pengguna Awal eSIM

As an early adopter, you're already plugged into the world of technology. You're ahead of the curve in almost everything you read, watch, and consume. We bet you saw crypto coming, are on the pulse of NFTs, and know the latest and greatest in AI technology. And you've probably heard about eSIMs. 

Here, we'll dive into eSIM technology, why it's a game-changer, and how you can join the eSIM revolution.

eSIM Technology

First, a refresher on eSIM technology. An eSIM is an embedded SIM card. It functions like a traditional SIM by identifying you as a mobile customer and connecting you to a carrier's network. But it does everything digitally.

To use your device's eSIM, you can download and install an eSIM plan and instantly connect to a mobile network. There's no need to contact your carrier, purchase a new physical SIM, or manage multiple SIM cards. 

Today, most Dual SIM phones allow you to carry multiple eSIMs on your device. And we're sure you know that the US model iPhone 14 is eSIM-only. Having multiple eSIMs gives you the flexibility to switch plans, maintain multiple lines on your smartphone, and connect to a local network when you travel.

If you want to use eSIM technology, your device has to be carrier-unlocked and eSIM-compatible. Most devices nowadays support eSIM technology. You can refer to our list of compatible devices to see if that's the case for your smartphone. 

The Difference Between eSIMs vs. Physical SIMs

There are some key differences between eSIMs and physical SIMs:

  • A physical SIM is a removable chip.
  • An eSIM is embedded in your device.
  • A physical SIM is tied to a specific carrier. 
  • An eSIM is carrier-independent.
  • Physical SIM is removable and can be lost or stolen
  • An eSIM can be uninstalled but can't be lost or stolen

The eSIM Solution

The eSIM solution changes the very way we use the digital space. Imagine you're in a remote village in southern Italy. You have an eSIM-compatible phone and installed an Italy eSIM before your trip.

In this remote location, you'll have continuous internet access without swapping, transferring, or storing a physical SIM card. Your home SIM (or eSIM) can stay right where it is — all you need to do is switch on your Italy eSIM to connect to a local network.

One minute, you can live stream your travels to your story. The next minute, sign a business document and send a project proposal to a client. If you need to chat with your team, you can contact them with your mobile number and be on a call in minutes.

At your fingertips is a connected device that seamlessly integrates travel connectivity and takes network service to the max through eSIM technology.

What It Means to Be an Early Adopter

An early adopter is someone who sees the market differently. Today, social and technological disruption go hand in hand. Large-scale change in how social media and social technologies integrate alters how we interact with tech. It also changes our expectations of influence, opinion, and education. 

For example, 24-hour home delivery is the new normal — anything less is considered a disservice to customers. We want more from products and expect convenience at every touchpoint. Our expectations continue to build as innovations make the purchase process even more digital and removed. 

Consider the influence of the internet and search engines. Our access to knowledge on any subject far exceeds that of anyone living pre-internet, simply because we can look it up. We have more access to new ideas, categories, feedback, and social groups. We can 

adopt new paths to running a business, building communities, and developing innovative products.

Changes in Cellular Technology

Cellular technology is releasing itself from physical restrictions. Innovations like wireless headphones are a great example of this. When they first hit the market, the average consumer wasn't convinced by their price or functionality. 

Enter early adopters. They were the first to identify the benefits of this wireless technology and pass it on to others. Eventually, wireless headphones reached full market adoption and are now the norm. 

In fact, they're so much the norm that most new phones don't support headphone jacks. The mass-market adoption of wireless headphones means the average device manufacturer won't bother with the variety. And today, the wireless version is typically included as a freebie when you purchase a new smartphone. 

The same can be said for wireless charging. As soon as the average consumer adopted wireless headphones, wireless everything became the new standard. For example, most new phones have built-in wireless charging functionality. While not every phone is cord-free, customers have indicated that digital and wireless are the way to go. 

Is eSIM the Same?

Absolutely. The market is shifting away from third-party accessories to make your device function faster. As phones become more advanced, we see improvements in screen resolution (clearer), internal resources (more efficient), and design (thinner and more user-friendly).

A SIM tray is no different from a charging port or a headphone jack. And if we look at phone innovation, customers are looking for a fully digital, hands-free experience. 

Smartphone ports are slowly disappearing and paving the way for fully portless products. In this way, keeping a SIM tray is counter-productive — it's simply not what customers want.

Where do eSIMs come in? They have the same function as a physical SIM card but work 100% digitally and don't require a SIM tray. Why make space for a tray when a SIM can be embedded in the device?

How To Join the eSIM Revolution

Our advice? Don't miss out. eSIMs technology is slowly becoming the norm, and full market adoption is inevitable. Stay ahead of the curve and help shape the way eSIM innovation progresses. 

Ready to spread the word? Learn how you can partner with us and join our mission to provide global connectivity for all travelers.

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