How do I install and set up my eSIM on my Pixel device?

First of all, you must check the following items in order to guarantee that you are able to successfully install and set up your eSIM:

There are 2 ways to add an eSIM to your device:

  1. By scanning the QR Code from the “QR code” tab
  2. By adding the installation details manually from the “Manual” tab


  1. Login to your Airalo account.
  2. Go to My eSIMs.
  3. Look for the eSIM you want to install.
  4. Tap the Details button.
  5. Tap Install eSIM/Access Data
  6. Select which type of installation
    • Tap the QR Code or Manual Installation. Please print the code or use a different device to display the QR code. 


To set up an eSIM on your Pixel phone/device:

1. In Settings, go to Network & Internet.

2. Select Mobile Network.

3. Tap Add carrier.

4. Scan your QR-code or enter the code manually

5. When the device asks for your confirmation, tap Start

6. The device will automatically install your profile

7. Your profile is now installed. Tap Done.

8. Now, make sure that Mobile data and roaming are activated.

9. If required on your Install eSIM/Access Data page, you will need to set the Access Point Name (APN) for the service to work.

In the Mobile network, scroll to the bottom and select Access Point Names.

10. Click on New APN

11. Add a name to the APN setting. Then, in the field APN, type the APN that you are provided with. Tap OK.

12. Now select the APN you just created

Your eSIM profile will now quickly attach to the local network

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support.

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